Articles from August 2013

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Malora at the Library

This one was done as a simple character in natural environment sketch—though in Malora’s case, I’m not entirely sure it’s so much her natural environment as the environment Lian usually sees her in. (It also kicked off some interesting observations on the proto-sentiences of books, but I’m going to sit on that for a while; [...]

A Short Thought on the Visual First Impression

They say that a writer should research and backstory and take all the notes in the world, then file them all away and only directly reference about 10%, with the rest leaking through in dribs and drabs as the narrative progresses. I begin to think that the people who describe their character stepping into the [...]

From the Notepad: Let It All Out….

The plot doesn’t even deserve the title of vague outline. The characters are not as defined as I would like. My context demands wordcount. Do I write the story? Not directly. Instead, I end up with something like this.
Does it matter that I do not know what Lian looks like, nor Malora?
That the antagonist I [...]

Impractical Applications: Adventures with Characterization Catalysts

I talked this week about things that help improve or decrease people’s speed and comfort with creating backstories; as I’d pointed out in the first post, this was a result of working on what was functionally six characters—three for a story, three as new PCs for different games—at the same time, and finding dramatic differences [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Tuyet on the Enemy

Sometimes, my writing exercises just slip out of me when I’m thinking about something else. This was one of those weeks—I was looking again at the idea of the archenemy, somehow I slipped to the voice of the character of mine who was the most fond of having one, and the rest, in her voice, [...]

More Characterization Catalysts

Yesterday, I talked about factors that might affect how easily someone can backstory a character. Pretty much as soon as I’d finalized the post, I found a few more.
Minimum requisite information. Some worlds just seem to demand a better idea why people are what they are and do what they do than others. If you [...]

Characterization Catalysts

Over the break, I found myself involved in three new games (long stories, all of them), so I found myself doing up characters for all three in the span of about a week—and all of it was right smack dab in the middle of another noveling attempt, meaning that I was, in different ways, working [...]

The Generic Villain Returns from Sabbatical

Let’s face it, even villains need to take breaks (or through no fault of their own end up as Sealed Evil in a Can—most of these principles still apply). I’ve already talked about what to do if you’re on vacation, but what about when you get back? Just because some of us have deputies who [...]

Impractical Applications: Return!

Yes, the hiatus did actually have an end-point. I have not forgotten this blog.
It’s been a useful thing, honestly—I’d realized how stressful it could be to get posts in, but it hadn’t really occurred to me how much an improvement taking the time off would be. And I’ve gotten a lot done—brainstormed the living daylights [...]