Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Iceberg

Another location revisited in honor of RPG Blog Carnival. I can’t even remember how long ago I used this place—just that I designed it as a clearly magical location, that the iceberg is itself an internally complex building, and that the group had been almost beaten there by a crowd of old rivals. And that I had been obsessed with the idea of refracted moonlight. The original description was a lot less poetic.

It is pushing evening as the group crests the cliffs above the shore. The sea below is as smooth as glass and spangled with lumps of ice that seem to glow from within; all that breaks the stillness the sound of paddles, and the white-foam track of a canoe slicing silently through the water. The place ahead might be an iceberg, save that it is too transparent, too smooth in its edges and precise in its corners, and by far too stationary. A full moon shines over it, turning the slight mist from the water lapping up against it into streams of glittering lace—shines over it, and refracts through its facets, through whatever peculiar structure makes up its insides, casting rainbows like confetti over the placid surface.

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  1. UZ says:

    Good use of sibilants! Did you read this aloud?

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