Freewrite: You Ever Had One of Those Days….

You ever had one of those days…

Where you think you wish your GM hadn’t read the boxed text. It’s not like you have a problem with boxed text, per se. Boxed text is cool. Descriptions are nice. This boxed text is something you’ve read and read and read again, something you’ve internalized. You are one with the description. And the description is of a Pretty Thing, and just how pretty that pretty thing is. You like this pretty thing. It is your favorite. (Or, at least, one of your favorites. It is so hard to have a true favorite.)

And the text drags on and on. You might interrupt it, except there are newbies, they don’t understand the pretty thing, and you like these pretty things, you don’t want your buddies messing with them. And the pretty thing is part of someone else’s plot hook, you will probably not be seeing a plot hook of yours today, so there really isn’t any point in rushing it, except that the original text writer spent far too long discussing how pretty, how mind-changing, the pretty thing is.

And the way to fight poetry is humor, and the character is the person who would respond humorously, so as the boxed text draws to a close, and the group is drawing breath to begin speaking again, you are the first to speak.

“Someday,” your character says, dreamily, in awe, “someday, I’m going to eat one of those.” And it couldn’t be any more in character.

You ever had one of those days?

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