Impractical Applications: A Library Apart

This week I talked about designing locations around the types of scenes they’re supposed to host. One of my favorites was created for the sake of both social and physical confrontation.

So this was during that big dream sequence a while back. The room that I decided the group would be meeting back in, and that Geri and Kiara were already occupying when the rest of the group arrived, was a combination of library and living room. The half they first entered was floor-to-ceiling bookshelves; this gave me a chance to get my thoughts together for the rest of the room and give Geri’s player a chance to see if he could spot clues to the mental processes of his dream-host.

The portion of the area where the actual socialization took place, on the other hand, was a lot more open. It had a low table surrounded by seating on three sides, good for allowing who was sitting where (or rather, who was carefully maneuvering things so as not to sit next to whom) to actually matter, and some extra bric-a-brac there specifically to intrigue the PC and NPC first present. There were extra doors, mainly for the purpose of bringing the rest of the party in when they were done with their various split-party activities. And, of course, there was much by way of furniture, books, small sweets and random objects for the group to stunt off of when the inevitable fighting began. (….amusingly, a good half of the things actually stunted off were based on the dream projection of Geri’s hamster before it was even fully his familiar. The cute things never fail to steal the show.) On the other hand, there was definitely hiding in bookshelves and vaulting over seating, so it wasn’t completely wasted.

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