Impractical Applications: Weaponized

I got the idea for this week’s weaponized weakness post from one of my current primaries. Juniper is not my usual character archetype: she hits things first and foremost, she only speaks the minimum possible number of languages to make sense in her context (granted, this is still three, but she’s coming into a place where everyone seems to speak two from a place where they speak yet another one), and she is not the usual blend of cunning and snarky I throw into a game. So when we got into our first social situation, I was convinced she wasn’t going to do the group much good.

Then our antagonist started throwing around metaphors rather than actually say what he wanted to say. I’m sure this was fine for most of the cast, and I definitely wasn’t lost, but there’s Juniper. Who is good enough with the language to pass, but who probably has a bit of trouble with some of its quirks, and has already based a plan on/made a joke about that. Who knows perfectly well that her teammates are too tactful to call him on it. Who, between her skills and her line of work, really can’t be expected to understand.

So she calls him on it. Repeatedly, since he doesn’t seem to get it the first time, getting blunter by the minute. “In second-language words,” she says. Then suggests an extremely literal interpretation of an offer he makes which I know perfectly well is bordering on heretical in that setting once one gets past the metaphors (I leave it ambiguous whether she knows as well; deliberately misinterpreting it seems as good a way to make the problem go away as any). And finally, in utter exasperation, drops my first cuss-for-emphasis of the game to explicitly ask the speaker what he’s talking about. He doesn’t lose the metaphors, but I think he was slightly more direct. Sort of. It didn’t set the fight off quite yet, anyway.

And meanwhile, in the OOC, the group is laughing. Totally worth it.

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