Impractical Applications: You Know Your Class Is Getting To You…

I had two things on my mind last weekend.

One was a dilemma faced by one of my PCs, made more complicated by the possible impact of my decision on group and plot and whatnot—the PC’s been staying recently with the legion unit she used to belong to, and when she was roused in the middle of the night because of an unspecified threat to her life that looked like it was attacking her old allies, desertion stopped being near as tempting an option. The other was a midterm in library ethics. Essay type stuff, open book, but that part’s not important. Like many of the things we’ve done in that class, it involved analyzing an ethical dilemma through four major ethical theories.

And how did I know this was getting into my mind?

So I’m listing off to my GM my reasons for and against sticking with the legions rather than leaving with the group. Get to the end of what would be my normal analysis. But I keep going: “And a Kantian would probably generalize this to stay with the legions, and a utilitarian would recommend staying with the group, and a Rawlsian would probably not be relevant to this discussion as it has nothing to do with rights, and… CURSE YOU PROFESSOR!”

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