What can tabletop gaming do for a writer, or writing do for a tabletop roleplayer? A lot more than people might think. The Exchange of Realities is all about places where those two skills come together, like worldbuilding, characterization, plot and pacing, and convincing antagonists, and how to bring skills at one into use on the other. Come to the crossroads and look around!

Ravyn has been writing all her life and gaming for part of it, and specializes in applying past experiences (like majoring in science, teaching people who want to be teachers to take their tests, listing for the Census, library work for the Marines) and knowledge to both fields. She can be reached by email at odell_ariranha at yahoo dot com.


  1. Jason Dawson says:

    Hey there! Just how, exactly, does someone get signed up to host a month of the RPG Blog Carnival?

  2. Ravyn says:

    The sign-up sheet is here, on the rpgbloggers’ Google Group.

  3. JOHN P. BROWN says:

    What up, Erika? How have you been?

  4. Kirkdent says:

    This is a great blog! I discovered it a short while ago, and am finding wonderful insight and lessons for creating fiction. (Sadly, I don’t remember how I found your page, though I know it was through some RPG site or another.) I’m an aspiring GM with no group as yet, designing my own campaign setting. I love your analysis, and will mention your page on the other RPG blogs wherever I can, without making it look tacky!

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