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Hoyt keeps a blue crystal ruined by the attempts at carving it in the lining of his coat, and woe betide the person who finds it and tries to take it away. Manar carries a little yarn doll, barely as long as her finger, on a string about her neck. One person might tuck a [...]

Moral Codes and Underlying Concepts

(More for RPG Blog Carnival: Morality.)
Creating moral codes is in and of itself an interesting process. Most of the moral codes I’ve seen have been based on an existing one (often the creator’s own), with tweaks to accommodate the world. Some people seem to make their codes out of figuring out what’s going to appeal [...]

Five Needs to Bring a Character Down

A flawless character, most people will agree, is no fun at all. To really engage the audience, a character needs flaws, shortcomings—in short, weaknesses. For many creators, these tend to be pretty standard fare: cowardice, impulsiveness, stupidity, one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins, you get the [...]

Parent and Adult With Distance: Rivalry

Yesterday, I introduced the adult with distance, a character who often mirrors and complements the parent’s role in a character’s relationships. But the world’s more complex than just connections to a specific character, so I’m going to look at a different issue; how the parent and the adult with [...]

Character Relationships: The Adult With Distance

Yesterday, I started talking about parents and their potential impacts on characters and their development. Today I’m going to stay in that vein but take a slightly different tone, as I move on to the next step outward in a developmental relationship: the adult with distance.
At heart, the adult with [...]

How Parents Can Shape Characters

Yesterday, I started riffing on the importance of knowing how characters were shaped through their interactions with other people. Today I’m going to start with the obvious movers and shapers: the parents.
Now, before I get into the details, a point of definition: for the purpose of this article, I am [...]

No Character Is an Island

Way back in February, I ranted against characters who have no roots to speak of: the ones who didn’t seem in any way to have been shaped by other people. I’d originally been going to start on this series then, but I got a little distracted explaining why characters with [...]

How to Hide Archetype Use

A while back, I wrote about the use of character archetypes in writing and gaming. As I’ve said in that article, they’re useful templates, particularly if you’re in a hurry. But the problem with using the same character template over and over is that, if you’re not careful, you [...]

Why Shouldn’t It Be Perfect?

One of the greatest human drives is towards perfection. We fuss for hours over our projects, work for weeks on getting that one task or creation just so. The researcher who chases away ‘distractions’, the various ‘zillas that crop up at events like weddings or prom or graduation—they’re looking [...]

Character Differentiation: What Are Your Archetypes?

Wrapping your head around a large number of different kinds of people is generally difficult. There’s always a mindset you don’t understand, a kind of person you’ve never met before, or a set of traits that logically seem to go together. As a result, a lot of people find [...]