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Have Character; Need Image?

We’ve all heard about people who describe their characters too much, too florid, often when it really doesn’t make sense to do so; I think most of us can agree that that’s generally a bad idea. But some people have the opposite difficulty; they can settle down in a character’s head, dredge up personality, skills, [...]

Going Beyond Straight Description

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Some people describe their characters and places with a quality but don’t show how they qualify (beautiful happens a lot, let’s put it that way). Some get them across by describing everything down to the minutest detail and hoping that the images [...]

Character Kernels: Under Theme

A while back, I wrote about getting to understand the kernels of one’s characters by casting them into character roles from an existing story. That’s a fun way to find the parts of the characters that define them, but it’s not always easy; as often as not, most stories aren’t going to get you anywhere [...]

Seven Traits to Make the Monster

I spent yesterday’s post talking about things that make a monster or equivalent thereof lose my respect. Since it’s my rule to try not to post don’ts without corresponding dos, here are some things that get that respect in the first place.

Intelligence. Sure, this is an alien sort of creature, and I’m not sure I [...]

Notes on World Viewing Character

Yesterday, I asked, “How does the character view the world?” The logical converse to that, of course, is “How does the world view this character?” But when that question last got put in front of me, I started getting nervous. “How does the world view this character?” seems to me to be a rather fraught [...]

With One Scene

Often, a writer can get away with establishing a character slowly, over time. In this scene, emphasizing this quality. In another scene, another one. A slow, gradual process. A GM with a long-term enough plan, or a player who wants to dole out the information bit by bit, might be able to do the same.
But [...]

Yardstick Characters

While it may be technically possible in games, being able to completely quantify a character in clean, objective terms is difficult, and in a straight story, it’s next to impossible (and even if it were possible, you’d have to be careful how you did it). So for the most part, characters are often seen in [...]

Dramatic Costume Changes

Most people don’t pay that much attention to clothing with their characters (unless they’re paying too much, which is a problem in its own right), but often it’s assumed that they’re wearing approximately the same flavor of things day in and day out (if not, as some comic characters demonstrate, the same outfit ad infinitum). [...]

How Important Is a Picture?

Books and RPGs are, as a class, not the world’s most visual of mediums. Yeah, you’ve got cover art (not that it necessarily gets it right, as a number of people could attest); yeah, there’s the whole battlemap thing, particularly when dealing with variations on D&D, but on the whole it’s as likely as not [...]

Cultures and Cues

Yesterday, I talked about visual cues—simple parts of a character’s physical appearance that hint at her job, skills, background or other salient details. Most of us have a mess of visual cues trained into us, but when we’re creating worlds, what’s the fun in only using the kinds of cues we’re trained to see? Why [...]