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Character Kernels: Under Theme

A while back, I wrote about getting to understand the kernels of one’s characters by casting them into character roles from an existing story. That’s a fun way to find the parts of the characters that define them, but it’s not always easy; as often as not, most stories aren’t going to get you anywhere [...]

Characterization Exercise: Description of Peers

I first started using this exercise because of one of my players; we’d been discussing the possibility of a character arc, which he was somewhat concerned about because he didn’t want the character to lose his identity, and to assuage those sorts of fears the best thing to do is figure out what the character’s [...]

Kernel Hunting Exercises: Beyond Casting

Remember yesterday’s exercise casting characters from one of your story/game projects into someone else’s work? You don’t have to stop there.
For the ambitious manager of casts, one fun extension to the casting exercise is bringing in the characters who were so cast and getting their opinions—on the characters at first impression, on the characters in [...]

Kernel Hunting Exercises: The Casting Call

Yesterday, I talked about the kernel of a character, those parts and attributes that make the character herself. A lot of people try to get across kernels by comparing characters to other fictional characters, either equating them and then noting changes, or picking aspects of those characters. (Sometimes, they even do it the other way [...]

The Kernel of a Character

What defines a character?
Trying to get a decent answer to that question is fraught with difficulties; if any two people can agree on it, it’s probably because they haven’t gone into enough detail yet. Sure, there are shorthands like Alignments or Natures or Instincts, but that’s not going to be enough for most characters to [...]