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Ask GV: On Controlling PCs

UZ asks (in response to one of the Management’s posts, but hey, if it gets the mail-slot going…)

How do you get a PC to accept mind control? How do you sell servitude to someone who fights (theoretically) for freedom?
Dear UZ:
That’s a very good question. The PC is a special kind of protagonist—resistant if not [...]

Reprise: Ask GV: Stalling for the Low-Resource Antagonist

Originally posted on March 15, 2009–but the Generic Villain is still open for questions! Just leave them in the comments!
Long ago, I invited people to step up with questions for the Generic Villain. Took long enough, but we’ve finally got a request.
Reader Brickwall, on behalf of Vamaldes, dragon god ascendant, asks:
Hello, Generic Villain. I’ve been [...]

Ask GV: Walking the Walk

Finally, a question!
Tu Eanna asks,

Dear Generic Villain,
I am doing some freelance work for a small evil enterprise, and while I have no qualms about behaving in ways that would ping as evil to the average normal, to say nothing of the hero sorts, I also don’t want to fall into the trap [...]

Ask GV: Evil Eye for the Little Guy

Orchid Mantis Familiar Lan asks:

I don’t really want to be evil (unless eating hummingbirds and dragonflies is evil, then I’m all for it), but I do want to learn to be intimidating. I have read over your advice, and I have some of the same problems as the ferret and the peacock – [...]

Ask GV: Protagonist Question on Appearances

Shinali, on behalf of Samar Nadra, asks,

What can a person considered evil by those around her learn from Hands of Darkness without compromising her morals?
Dear Samar,
You are aware I am contractually obligated to attempt to compromise said morals in hopes of recruiting you to my cause or at least neutralizing your beneficial effect on the [...]

Ask GV: Of Fist and Famine

Belial asks:
“I have heard recently that a group of people are 3 missed meals from revolting. Is that still applicable when one is running their country using more ‘villainous’ methods (fear, severe punishment, etc.), or is this a problem only ‘good guy’ leaders face? Short of providing your people with basic necessities across the board, [...]

Ask GV: Identifying Credible Threats

Michael, on behalf of General Tor, asks:
Never thought it’d come to this, but I’m in a bit of a desperate situation so I thought I’d come to you for advice. Right now I’ve got a group of human intruders running loose in my base. I set my best assassin on them, and he never came [...]

Ask GV: Maintaining Morals When the Going Gets Tough

The Generic Villain answers questions from Hands of Darkness like you!
Belial Kiervan asks:
I have a bit of a situation and I would like your advice, Mr. Generic Villain. I am in a bit of a propaganda war with the vile “heroes” and until recently much of my populace has simply believed that I am in [...]

Ask GV: Breaking the Plucky Comic Relief

A continuation of my response to satyre’s question about how one goes about subtly messing with the mind of the plucky comic relief. Last time, I discussed whispering, a communication technique usable to get points across to protagonists (or anyone else) without making them snap their opposition barriers up quite as reflexively; now I’m going [...]

Ask GV: The Art of Whispering

Responding to last week’s riff on the plucky comic relief, satyre wondered, “How best to set [breaking the plucky comic relief] subtly?” After all, when you’re trying to introducing someone with that level of delusional perkiness to the way the world really works, you can’t just walk up and tell them things aren’t what they [...]