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Ask GV: When the Boss Just Can’t Choose His Relationships…

Reader Shinali, on behalf of Shinta Palsu, asks:
My question, O Generic Villain, whose words flow like silk, relates to some concerns I have about my master’s relationships. I am not one to object to a lust or affairs, frankly it’s my business (Cupid has nothing on me, or so says my [...]

Ask GV: Staying Self-Justified in Villainy

We’re still on Aywren’s question about staying antagonistic; a long one, yes, but vital to the cause. Without antagonism, we aren’t Hands of Darkness, now, are we?
As I pointed out last week, a good villain needs to have a self-justification that can stand up to long-term contact with people. [...]

Ask GV: Avoiding Villain Decay

We’re continuing last week’s answer to Aywren’s question about avoiding antagonist decay. Nice long one, what more can be said?
So now we know what causes turning good among our kind. That’s pretty simple. Before we go on, I’m going to introduce you to some concepts that might prove [...]

Ask GV: Why Do Some of Us Turn Good?

Welcome back to “Ask the Generic Villain”!
Aywren asks:
I have a problem. Every time I design a new villain that I think is effective and cool, he ends up jumping sides. Either he works his way to redemption and becomes a good guy… or he earns enough sympathy from myself and readers [...]

Ask GV: Never Ask a God To Do a Villain’s Job

Reader Swordgleam, on behalf of an interested third party who is definitely not a paladin of Torog or anything like that, asks:
Dear Generic Villain,
One of my protagonists has angered a dark god. You’d think that would be the end of him, right? Wrong. That protagonist also has a goddess on his side, and if the [...]

Ask GV: Heroes Aren’t the Only Ones with a License to Meddle

Reader DrBurst, on behalf of Henchman #984324957893462, asks:
Dear Generic Villain,
I want to aid my master (GM) in making things more interesting… The heroes have many conflicts within their group. One member finds another really annoying, the whole group dislikes the healer, it would be so easy to rip them apart, but we can’t. Got any [...]

Ask GV: Stalling for the Low-Resource Antagonist

Long ago, I invited people to step up with questions for the Generic Villain. Took long enough, but we’ve finally got a request.
Reader Brickwall, on behalf of Vamaldes, dragon god ascendant, asks:
Hello, Generic Villain. I’ve been doing some research, and I need some tips on keeping protagonists on side adventures while I advance my own [...]