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Impractical Applications: A Choice of Main Characters

I’ve had a few projects that were meant to have multiple focal characters but, since I prefer writing in first person, ended up requiring a single main character. The question then became, who?
Back when I was working on my Almagest project, I had originally planned for my main character to be a young man, a [...]

Impractical Applications: Really Not Anyone’s Scene

I talked earlier this week about what not to do in order to get a scene you don’t like to end. It’s something I’ve had recent experience with; in my Saturday D&D game, we had what I’m pretty sure was one of those scenes: our charming mixed-bag PCs attempting to determine from a captured member [...]

Impractical Applications: You Know Your Class Is Getting To You…

I had two things on my mind last weekend.
One was a dilemma faced by one of my PCs, made more complicated by the possible impact of my decision on group and plot and whatnot—the PC’s been staying recently with the legion unit she used to belong to, and when she was roused in the middle [...]

Impractical Applications: Slogs

One of the things I find most interesting about combat slogs is how utterly different they can be. I’d had three in mind when I was writing this week’s posts about the mechanical and contextual causes of a slog battle; one that was part of a running trend and two that were specific to that [...]

Impractical Applications: Weaponized

I got the idea for this week’s weaponized weakness post from one of my current primaries. Juniper is not my usual character archetype: she hits things first and foremost, she only speaks the minimum possible number of languages to make sense in her context (granted, this is still three, but she’s coming into a place [...]

Impractical Applications: A Library Apart

This week I talked about designing locations around the types of scenes they’re supposed to host. One of my favorites was created for the sake of both social and physical confrontation.
So this was during that big dream sequence a while back. The room that I decided the group would be meeting back in, and that [...]

Impractical Applications: A Room With a Shouldn’t

I talked earlier this week about can, can’t and shouldn’t in terms of how locations affect characters’ actions. There are a lot of potential examples for this, but the main one that comes to mind for me was a long time ago in my game, when the group went after Zora for the first time.
The [...]

Impractical Applications: A Recap Sampler

I talked not too long ago about recaps, particularly for game sessions. I’ve seen a few different styles in the past few years, with a wide variety of results.
In my game, I usually favor the recap-in-voice—and since my game has characters out the ears, usually try to make sure that no individual NPC recaps twice [...]

Impractical Applications: A Long Week

…no real lessons, this week, sorry. This week’s posts aren’t really teachable, my laptop battery died, replacing it has been absurdly complicated, most of the games I was to play in this week got canceled, the last ran slow, and my life has been an apocryphal Chinese curse. Decently coherent commentary will hopefully return tomorrow.

Impractical Applications: Close, Detailed, What?

One of the things that got me thinking about backstory characters and their categories was finding myself, while designing one of my latest characters, with some in categories I’d almost never used before.
By the time I was done writing her, Juniper had ended up with three decently backstory characters I’d count as detailed, one of [...]