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Impractical Applications: This Week’s Teachable Moments

…since this week really hasn’t been much good for tying in with the articles, a few interesting tidbits.
One: when planning for a group to infiltrate a party, it is always good to have an option by which they can go in the front door.
Two: if you have two proficient sneakers, and one is the center [...]

Impractical Applications: Adventures with Characterization Catalysts

I talked this week about things that help improve or decrease people’s speed and comfort with creating backstories; as I’d pointed out in the first post, this was a result of working on what was functionally six characters—three for a story, three as new PCs for different games—at the same time, and finding dramatic differences [...]

Impractical Applications: Return!

Yes, the hiatus did actually have an end-point. I have not forgotten this blog.
It’s been a useful thing, honestly—I’d realized how stressful it could be to get posts in, but it hadn’t really occurred to me how much an improvement taking the time off would be. And I’ve gotten a lot done—brainstormed the living daylights [...]

Impractical Applications (Talking to Myself)

(Procedural note: I am out of state for my younger sister’s college graduation. As this involves a great deal of tiring travel time, from tomorrow’s post to next Saturday’s Imprac all posts this coming week will be reruns. New posts will resume next Sunday night.)
I talked this week about the dos and don’ts of conversations [...]

Impractical Applications: Back in the Saddle

…man, that title is a cliché. It’ll do, though. It was a longish session tonight, and I’m tired.
I haven’t run game for a while. Part of this was a conscious decision, requesting that one of my players run a hiatus game so I could get my brain back. It went on a bit longer than [...]

Impractical Applications: Four Demons Drinking

Honestly, this week was not written to go well with an Imprac… so I’m going to try something a little different. I reviewed Better Angels this week, but I felt that it might be a bit easier to contextualize the review by looking at what we actually did and how we ran into the conclusions [...]

Impractical Applications: Two Dubious Impressions

I talked this week about ways of handling the party disliking your slated-to-be-important NPC, both to do and to avoid. I’ve been lucky; most of my NPCs have only gotten that reaction when they were meant to. But as a player I’ve seen them go well, and I’ve seen them go poorly. There are two [...]

Impractical Applications: Articulating the Problem

One of the things I brushed on this week was a person being just that oblivious—and at least some of it possibly being my fault. I’m not sure how much of it is and how much of it isn’t. The phrase “It’s not fun anymore” came up, but wasn’t believed until one of our other [...]

Impractical Applications: Nope, Not Ready—Yet

Earlier this week, I talked about the problems with playing a powerful character when inexperienced. That post was almost entirely personal experience; due to my tendency to end up as the new player in groups that had been doing their respective games for a while, that sort of thing happened to me multiple times—twice I [...]

Impractical Applications (Overthought It a Little)

So… I have this Saturday game. That D&D one I rant about occasionally probably a little too often. I don’t even know why I started overthinking that one, since most of the fun I have in messing around with settings and with characters is when I’m in regular contact with the other players and the [...]