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Five Sources of Plan-Fodder

While I talked yesterday about stringing together details and questions to come up with an antagonist’s plan on the fly, space constraints left me rather vague about what sorts of details and questions might actually qualify. Here are a few I’ve either used or seen used to pretty good effect.

This will be dramatic now, what [...]

Seven Questions to Ask When Getting Plot from Character

As with getting from setting to plot, getting from character to plot is often helped by asking yourself questions and seeing if one shakes loose a few ideas. You’ll note that many of these questions are similar to the setting to plot questions; there’s a lot in common between the thought processes. Note also that [...]

Character And…

In the first post in my series on getting from a character to a plot, I alluded to the idea that you couldn’t do it with just a character and nothing else whatsoever. A character in a vacuum is no fun whatsoever. She touches nothing, changes nothing, is changed by nothing; at best, she wanders [...]

Qualities of Plot-Driving Characters

As I noted in my introductory post, one of the most vital parts of getting from a character to a plot is having a character strong enough to push said plot. But what sort of character is it that can do that?
They need to be the type that will do things. This is one of [...]

Getting from Character To Plot: An Introduction

Last week, I talked about some ways to get to a plot when what you have is a setting. Sometimes this works—and sometimes you need something else. My favorite tactic is deriving a plot from a character, whether than plot is something big and overarching or just enough complication and consequence to cover a session [...]

Getting from Setting to Plot

Let’s say you’re one of those people who specializes in worldbuilding. You’ve got a grand world laid out, some combination of metaphysics and cultures and maps and history and… whatever, really. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a few characters, or at least an idea what kind of archetypes are going to be wandering around. But [...]

A Week of Reading 5-13

Let’s see, what’s on the shelves this week?
The focus of my week’s reading was Moby-Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea and of the Beachcombers, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, and Fools, Including the Author, Who Went in Search of Them. This book reminded me of a discussion I’d seen in I-forget-which-speculative-fiction-sourcebook (it might [...]

A Week of Reading 5-6

Still reading, still working, and this week has been interesting.
The Pericles Commission had been taunting me for a while from its position on the mystery table, so I decided to give it a try. It’s an interesting little piece of work—a mystery, set in Ancient Greece, whose main character and female lead rather reminded me [...]

A Fortnight of Reading 4-28

In my last two weeks, here’s what I’ve been reading.
It was my mother who turned me loose on Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible, an exploration of how the King James Edition of the Bible has influenced American writing and rhetoric ever since—or at least, a look at all sorts of [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: The Lost Ideas

Where have my ideas gone, I wonder? They were there when I was young, and could churn out a story, two hundred and change pages in my handwriting on college ruled paper with a .5 mechanical pencil, in about a school year. They were there when I was in college, and could sometimes run game [...]