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Inspiration Style Synergy

I’ve talked before about how the creative process doesn’t need to exist in a vacuum, and can in fact benefit from collaboration with other people. Inspiration style—particularly knowing the form of inspiration, be it expansionist, mechanist or conceptualist—can help by letting you figure out whose skills and approaches are likeliest to complement yours.
In all cases, [...]

Identifying Inspiration

Yesterday, I talked about inspiration styles, and Michael asked, “How do I tell what my inspiration style is?” So I thought I’d share a bit on how my process works.
I usually begin with form, as that’s the easiest to sort into one category or another, and certainly the easiest to find within myself. Think about [...]

What’s Your Inspiration Style?

We all know ideas come to different people differently, and all have some idea what sorts of things tend to trigger us, whether it’s reading or music, thinking about the problem or working on something else to let the subconscious take over, or any of a number of other inspiration tricks. But we don’t often [...]