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A Week of Reading 4-15

More adventures from the reading list!
On a recommendation from my weekend coworker and partner in plotting, I read through All I Can Handle, Kim Stagliano’s book about her life as the mother of three autistic children. It’s a fascinating read, and one that keeps me sure that my idea of raising a family will still [...]

A Week of Reading 4-8

Do it twice, it’s a tradition, right? Here’s what I’ve been reading over the last week.
There was one nonfiction book that sort of happened to me between projects, on the subject of entitlement in today’s culture and how to raise kids so as not to cultivate it, called Too Much of a Good Thing: Raising [...]

A Week of Reading 4-1

It’s Thursday night again, so here are some more things I’ve been finding to read lately. Unfortunately, between less time on the commute than I expected and a bit of a distraction involving hemming a thermal curtain, this hasn’t been near as good a week for reading—or at least, for number of books or for [...]

A Week of Reading 3-25

In the average week, I read a considerably larger number of books than I usually get posts out of. Most of them are actually pretty nifty, but either what I’m getting from them is too concise for a full post or just doesn’t strike a nerve immediately. So I’m going to try to use my [...]

Why You Might Want a Trainwreck

If there’s one piece of wisdom universal to roleplayers, it’s that as players are added to a situation, the probability of it taking a direction, usually calamitous, for which you have not planned approaches 1. Players and utter trainwrecks go hand in hand, after all—and usually, we plan carefully and add a few extra contingencies [...]

Inspiration By Explanation

It’s not that rare that we get really, really stuck. Gamers, writers, you name it—the block happens to everyone. It’s what we do about it that varies. There are a lot of things we can do about it, but one of the most counterintuitive I’ve found is just finding someone who isn’t completely familiar with [...]

Inspiration and Music, Part 2: What Inspires Me

Getting a bit more in the spirit of RPG Blog Carnival rather than just the letter, here are a few artists and pieces that have given me that little burst of inspiration.
Matti Paalanen’s work, particularly the Celestial Aeon Project. I forget who it was who first introduced me to these, but a couple listens and [...]

Inspiration and Military Reading Lists

RPG Blog Carnival June 2010, hosted at Campaign Mastery, is on inspiration. So I’m going to look at some of the things that inspire me. I’ve already talked about nonfiction books as an inspiration source, but I’m going to narrow my focus even further: books from military reading lists.
Yes, members of the American military (at [...]

Being Your GM’s Muse

(Again for RPG Blog Carnival.)
If you’re the kind of person who likes to serve as a muse, it’s quite likely you’ve done so for your own GM. The good news (for the GM, anyway) is that you’ve got more hands-on knowledge about the game in general, and your character in particular, than anyone else she’s [...]

How to Be a Muse

RPG Blog Carnival this month, over at Campaign Mastery, is on inspiration. Technically, the question is “What inspires your games?”, looking for non-game media that inspires people’s games, but it’s not always media that gets me inspired, nor inspires the people I’ve gamed with. Sometimes, it’s other people that can provide the best inspiration—and sometimes, [...]