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Reality in Review: December 2008

As the year and the decade (scary thought, innit?) begin, it’s time to look back at another month of blog posts. This time, let’s look back at December 2008, a nice little month for this blog.
It started out with a bang, with a discussion of leadership. I’d spent a while thinking about forms of leadership, [...]

Reality in Review: November 2008

It’s time again to dust off the posts and see what the latecomers missed; sit back, and let’s have another Reality in Review. This time, we’re hitting November of 2008—a month of holidays and antagonism, of names and of teachers, and that single month where this blog got (to) religion.
We all know how I am [...]

Reality in Review: October 2008

With all the headlong pace on this blog, it’s been hard to take a moment and reflect. Now, though, is that moment, a chance to look back at the forgotten posts of just over a year ago, in October of 2008.
Body language was an important concept to me, as it’s one of the things that [...]

Reality in Review: September 2008

It’s time again to look over the highlights of a year past! September 2008 may not have been the month I learned that a 1000-word post might work better as two 500-word posts, but it was certainly one of the first months where I made a point of writing series rather than sticking to individual [...]

Reality in Review: August 2008

Another review post of the highlights of last year.
The Language of Dice combined celebrating the apparent unity of the gamer subculture (okay, plus or minus edition wars) with my own heavy-meta approach to everything. Why just discuss that something exists when you can ask why?
I’ve always loved nonhuman characters, and my Incorporating the Inhuman series [...]

Reality In Review: June-July 2008

One thing I’ve noticed about blogs is that they’re all in the moment. A post appears, is discussed for a little while, then vanishes into infinity; while some people do do archive trawls, it’s not as necessary for understanding the current material as archive-trawling a webcomic, and if a post is going to be necessary, [...]