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RPG Blogger Meme: Self as Superhero

Every now and then, an exercise works its way through the RPGBN. Last time, we created ourselves as monsters . This time, we’re trying superheroes. I like these exercises; they’re just as good for a writer as a gamer, rather amusing in their own right, and make [...]

Feel, Don’t Tell

One of my longest-running colleagues, Shakespeare, has been doing a run of writing exercises recently. It’s been a while since I did write on demand on a regular basis, but I’ve found doing these things to be a very useful skill, and this one in particular was very important to a newbie writer.
The object of [...]

On Round-Robin Collaborative Fiction

You’ve probably seen the (rather long) short story I concluded yesterday; if not, here it all is. I’m not one to let a learning experience like that go by without taking advantage of it, so here are my conclusions on getting into that sort of round-robin collaborative fiction.
The advantage is [...]

RPG Bloggers NaNoWriMo – Short Story Part 4

First part here. Second part here. Third part here.  Conclusion below.
Shalla reached out for the dagger, then drew her hand back. “What’s the dagger for?”
“It’ll help you see what you need to. Wouldn’t do us any good if all you could see was the monster [...]