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Tips for Taking a Critique

The toughest part of creating something and releasing it to an audience is dealing with the audience’s reaction to it. It’s easy to imagine that we are going to be The Best Creator Ever and that nothing we do is every going to mess up, but it never works out that way; there’s always something [...]

Writing Workshops for Dabblers

So there you are. You’ve dabbled in writing, sure, but now you’re in a workshop—a workshop! With people who probably know more about writing! And they’re looking at your work, and you’re looking at theirs, and that means you’re going to have to—gasp—critique people who probably have been doing this for longer than you have, [...]

Criticism: The Intent and the Details

There’s a certain expectation, even among people who like criticism, that the creator and the critic will end up in conflict, or at the very least misunderstanding each other. Someone steps away from an artform after receiving what should have been a compliment, goes all icy after a critique that she did ask for, and [...]

What Am I Doing Wrong? Maybe It’s Answering That Question.

When something doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped it would, or even the way it worked before that didn’t seem to be too bad, there’s one question we immediately ask ourselves: “What am I doing wrong?” It’s pretty much human nature, after all: we remember the bad things and try to fix them.
There are [...]

Being Your GM’s Muse

(Again for RPG Blog Carnival.)
If you’re the kind of person who likes to serve as a muse, it’s quite likely you’ve done so for your own GM. The good news (for the GM, anyway) is that you’ve got more hands-on knowledge about the game in general, and your character in particular, than anyone else she’s [...]

How to Be a Muse

RPG Blog Carnival this month, over at Campaign Mastery, is on inspiration. Technically, the question is “What inspires your games?”, looking for non-game media that inspires people’s games, but it’s not always media that gets me inspired, nor inspires the people I’ve gamed with. Sometimes, it’s other people that can provide the best inspiration—and sometimes, [...]

In Defense of Critics

Hello, my name is Erika, and I have a passion for literary criticism and metatextual analysis. But you’ve probably figured that out and accepted it if you’re a regular reader here. I’m a compulsive proofreader and proud of it, I’ve taken writing classes, I read crit blogs for fun, and my major in science makes [...]

Interpretations and Conflict

I once had a conversation with a friend of mine about a game he was running that we were both in. Specifically, about three antagonists, all of whom were aside from one little issue some of my favorite characters in the game. (As we all know, I love a good antagonist.) There was a point [...]

Critiquing Because It Matters

What can a badly cooked hamburger teach us about how people choose what and how intensely to criticize? Yesterday, I got to find out.
It was evening, and I’d just been picked up from work on the base and gone to the nearest In-N-Out for a quick dinner before choir. The fries were underdone, one of [...]

Floating in the Bubble

As most of you are aware, comments were out for a while. They’re back now, thank goodness, but the absence got me to thinking about feedback and what it can mean—for a blogger, for a gamer, for much of anyone else.
I’ve always been rather attached to feedback in my various creation-related hobbies. Every game I [...]