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It’s a pain trying to explain the analysis style I use. Sure, “Exploring reasons why things work or don’t work, why they’re successful, whether or not they’re likely to offend someone and why through chains of questions and being unwilling to accept ‘because’ for an answer” fits, and I could say that, but I shouldn’t [...]

Five Tips for a Useful Critique

If there’s one thing most good GMs and writers have in common, it’s that they want to get better at what they do. It’s hard for people to be objective when looking at their own work, though; that’s why they ask for comments. Only a lot of people aren’t very good at giving them. I [...]

Bribing the Audience

Many of the people who have stories to tell do so in small sequential bursts because they want the feedback. Let’s face it, it can be very difficult to keep going with a project when it’s a lot of work now for no guarantee of results later; why not divide it up and put it [...]