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Wednesdays—Er, Thursdays and Writing

The temperature is high, the schools are beginning to open wide their gates, and I have a scheduling announcement.
This week, I began grad school in earnest, working on my Master’s in Library and Information Science. It looks like it’s going to be fun, except for one little problem: Wednesday nights. Suffice it to say that [...]

A Different Sort of Recap

I started a new game recently. There’s a lot that’s different about it from normal: it’s not in a style I usually play, the system and I aren’t near as compatible as I’d like, the players are multitasking their characters… and most importantly, it’s a playtest, so I need to be able to recount what [...]

We Interrupt This Posting….

I hate writing personal posts. Personal opinions, not a problem; I certainly have plenty of those. But personal, this-is-my-life in more detail than just “They sent me home from work with Inspiration” today posts? Particularly when they’re admitting that what I’m doing just isn’t working, even for a short time.
That being said, I need to [...]

Buffer Paranoia

Every now and then in my blogging career, I’ve created a buffer of future posts. Why has varied; sometimes it’s been having an idea that took four or five and then getting inspiration while those four or five were going up, sometimes it’s been deliberate attempts to get ahead, sometimes it’s been a post I [...]

Camp NaNo: The Tribulations of Not Reading

Camp NaNo has, it’s probably clear, not been easy for me this year. I’d known that inspiration was going to be a problem from my last attempt on the story in question; I’d known free time was going to be an issue, from the fact that last time I participated in the real NaNo, I [...]

Further Reductions

All right, I have to admit it: I’m tired. Even at six posts a week, as I’ve been doing for almost a year, it has been much harder to deliver new, quality content, one of my major side projects needs a serious speedboost, and the looming specter of grad school is just around the corner. [...]

Camp NaNo and Hunting Words

My biggest problem with this month’s Camp NaNo attempt at major progress in my story, as with the first time I tried to NaNo Almagest, was underpreparedness. There were a few characters in my head, but not enough; can one truly do a good heavy court intrigue with only four, and most of them on [...]

Camp NaNo and the Spirit of the Rules

It begins the way these stories always begin: Shinali talks me into signing up for (a variant on) NaNoWriMo, and chaos ensues. This time, though, is different. It isn’t the official month—it’s June, and we’re doing the “Camp” version instead. This time I’m leaving the Generic Villain behind and taking a stab at Almagest again, [...]

Reprise: Five Ways to Keep a Character Fresh

Originally posted on April 26, 2011.

While some groups can meet every week without much by way of variation, others aren’t that lucky. Some are closer to once a month; some are brief periods of together interspersed with long droughts of “you’re across the country, he has school too, I have work, [...]

Back to the Beginning

When I first began tabletopping, it really was rather like playing in one of those linear-plot video games. It was high school, I was trying D&D for the first time, and what we were doing was pretty much a string of battles with an Excuse Plot. I gleefully toyed with the personalities of my characters, [...]