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Disguising Social Dynamics: Necessary Details

There’s a lot that goes into a good disguise attempt when dealing with social dynamics. Fortunately, a good part of it is pretty straightforward. First, as with all deceptions, is to figure out what you’re trying to hide, and what you want to reveal in its place, but what then? What sorts of factors are [...]

Information and Character Relationships

There are many things that can affect the relationship between two characters. Events both were involved in and how their roles related, similarities in personality, common interests or a lack thereof, and all sorts of factors, far too many to name here. But one of the most interesting ways that I’ve seen of cementing a [...]

Let Me Show You… Gawin and Ancreta

More for my end of RPG Blog Carnival. (C’mon, people, let’s not make this all my work.)
Gawin and Ancreta, unlike any of the other characters I’m likely to be showcasing, weren’t created for my Exalted game, but for my experimental Mouse Guard one-off. In the original plan, one of the other players was going to [...]

World Creation: About This Theory of Yours…

One idea I’d been playing with for my world, probably not plot-relevant but definitely interesting in its own right, came up back when my main culture was still primary influence unspecified but very, very scholastic. It’s always seemed unfair to me, picking on scholars’ ideas when they just didn’t have the resources available to be [...]

Impractical Applications (Meanwhile….)

There’s a lot going on in my game. If you’re prone to understatement. We’ve got the group looking for a spy, and drafting in a friend of theirs to help the God of Prophecy see something that said god itself cannot look into without help. We’ve got threatening graffiti on one NPC’s walls, and another [...]

Flight of the Ravyn

Welcome to the new home of the Exchange of Realities.
I’d been considering this move for a while; those of you who followed things other than my blog probably know why. My old site was nice, particularly in the beginning when community was still the priority of most of the major Names on that network, and [...]

Welcome again…. eventually

I spread my wings, and this was where I landed. This site is still under construction; come back soon!

The Real Risk When Making Twists

One of the biggest things I’ve found that destroys twists is someone seeing it coming. For many people, the answer to this is to try to avoid foreshadowing if at all possible (cheating!), or keep any foreshadowing so subtle that the only way to find it is after the fact. But in most of the [...]

Impractical Applications (Tuyet and Leadership)

Usually, when I’m riffing about what I’ve learned, I talk about my game. But it’s really hard to show leadership through an NPC when you’re running for a bunch of high-powered mavericks, and besides, I have a much better example at hand. See, this is more art imitating life; most of what I’ve learned about [...]


Up until now, I’d never really understood the need of webcomic artists to celebrate their hundredth strip. It’s what, a little over three months? Only significance is that it’s a three-digit number. Now, half a year, that’s impressive.
And then I actually started blogging, and I began to understand it a bit better. Keeping to a [...]