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Homebrew – Seeing Stars

This one’s for the RPG Blog Carnival. They’re homebrewing this month, and while most of my homebrew either isn’t what they’re looking for or would get me in trouble at work if I relayed, there are a few things I’ve done that just about qualify.
The most interesting of these, I think, was the time one [...]

Incorporating the Inhuman: First Causes

Once you’ve got a list of differences between your Others and humans, the next step is figuring out where they came from; sometimes the origins can tell you as much about the society as the differences themselves. For now, I’ll further explore yesterday’s examples.
Lifespan. This one’s actually a challenge; how do you figure out where [...]

Incorporating the Inhuman: Sample Qualities

Now it’s time to answer the question: If you’re dealing with a new, Other race or species, what makes it different? This is the part where we really get to both enjoy ourselves and show off, so take your time, open your mind, and let’s have some fun. For starters, have some examples.
Let’s begin with [...]