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Starting with a Plot…

The toughest part of beginning with a story or game, I’ve found, is getting enough of a balance between beginning concepts to actually have a story rather than a set of fleeting ideas in nowhere-space. You have a plot, and a vague outline of what the setting might look like, and that’s it. Where to [...]

Birth of a World: A Question of Ambiguity

There were a lot of things that got me thinking about ambiguity this week, but one of the big ones had to do with the design process for my created world. It began with a character (yes, another one, most of these things do) who’d been kicking around in my head for a while. A [...]

Birth of a World: The Game of Origins

From my eventual novel-world, another potential idea to color up the culture.
“All right, how about why one can never find a pen of the appropriate thickness when one needs one?”
Some games in the World Without Yet a Name are games of chance; some of physical prowess—but then there is the Game of Origins, favored pastime [...]

World Creation: Doing My Homework

In working on the world for my potential story, I noticed that one of the biggest challenges to the creation of a world at a technology level different from my own is understanding just what it is that people know, particularly when I know I’m going to take the time to actually demonstrate that people [...]

Birth of an Idea

As I noted yesterday while explaining why I moved websites, one of the things I’m working on is a worldbuilding project of my own, for a novel I will eventually be writing. This story itself began in a number of places, that slowly brought themselves together: with a chance encounter on an airplane, with a [...]