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Character Development for Intelligent Locations

While being able to assign a personality to an intelligent landform or building is a wonderful thing, we can’t neglect character development. Just because they’re inanimate by our standards doesn’t mean they can’t grow and change in their own right!

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Some of the character development [...]

Giving Personality to Sentient Locations

Yesterday I talked about the factors that might affect a living building or sentient tract of land. Today, I’m going to get into what shapes the personalities of these amazing not-quite-creatures.

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The first step in determining a sentient location’s personality is its inherent nature. [...]

Living Locations: Where Setting is Literally Character

Yesterday, I brought up the concept of settings as characters in the way that most writers see it. We speculative fiction writers and game masters can take it one step further, though; we can actually make our setting, or part of our setting, intelligent in its own right, and give [...]

Setting As Character: How the Writer Sees It

You often hear, sometimes in GM advice but more often in writing workshops, that it’s not enough to simply have a setting; instead, the setting needs to be a character in and of itself. This is interesting advice, but why is it important? Why must the setting be a character, and how do you do [...]

Naming and Geography

Naming characters is easy. Naming places is harder, or at least can seem pretty daunting. The best way to work around this is to let art imitate life—just look at all the ways people name places as it stands!
The easiest approach is the explorer-name route—[Person’s] [Population Center Term/Landmark]. It’s concise, it’s straightforward, and there’s room [...]