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Cut Off the Head…

Last night, one of my friends and I were discussing what happens when the spiritual leader of a group is killed. (Our reasons are by this point probably self-explanatory.) While people have often operated under the idea of “cut off the head, the snake dies”, I find the possible scenarios to be a lot more [...]

The Uses of Ancient Civilizations

There’s one in every world, isn’t there? Somewhere in history, there was a civilization. It was advanced, or at least looked advanced, probably in the areas of magic or technology. At least one society is descended from it, one way or another (or so they claim). And it’s not here now.
Ancient civilizations are ubiquitous because [...]

Invented Historical Periods: Art

Yesterday, I talked about a trick for real-world settings, using various cues to establish the historical era, the decade, or even the year in which the story using the setting is itself set. That doesn’t work near as well in created worlds, since the historical periods aren’t semi-common knowledge among our audience. But creators of [...]

Marking Time

One of the biggest difficulties with an Earth-with-modifications setting is getting across to people the time period in which the story is set, particularly as the setting gets more and more modern and the distinctions less and less obvious. A little slip, and it becomes easy for people to forget that this is supposed to [...]

Untouchable Concepts

In any world, there are some things you don’t question. They are, and that’s all there is to it. Or at least, that’s what everyone says. (Which of course means that some main character, particularly if what we’re dealing with is a game because those things beg for PC questioning, is going to question them.) [...]

Birth of a World: The Game of Origins

From my eventual novel-world, another potential idea to color up the culture.
“All right, how about why one can never find a pen of the appropriate thickness when one needs one?”
Some games in the World Without Yet a Name are games of chance; some of physical prowess—but then there is the Game of Origins, favored pastime [...]

Integrating Metafiction, or Telling Tales

People generally like stories. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be reading your work or playing in your games, would they? The fiction section wouldn’t be so large, there wouldn’t be a whole mess of legends that the teachers in elementary and middle school insist on walking you through, and the entertainment industry wouldn’t be the [...]

The Six Year Old Child Principle of War and International Relations

Yet more for the RPG Blog Carnival on War. Yesterday, we discussed who might be backing a war, but not why they were backing it. Today I’m going to fix that.
To understand most of the causes of war, you must understand one fact: Countries, kingdoms and the various other entities of governance will, as a [...]