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When Religions Meet

Even in the real world, no religion operates in a vacuum. And this goes double in the often polytheistic worlds of today’s fantasy. So what happens when two religions meet?
They might just fight. There are a lot of reasons to fight in general—land, resources and authority can be reason enough, but then when the scriptures [...]

The First Requirement of Religion

A religion needs people more than it needs a god.
Consider the importance to many of today’s religions of names. Most of them have at least a few big ones: major prophets, people who were said to have entered into covenants with their creators, people who set forth systems of ideas, ones who did things so [...]

Do Gods Need Religion?

More for RPG Blog Carnival: Religion, this time inspired by thinking about the topic itself and the way people have responded to it.
I’ve always been partial to chicken-and-egg questions, particularly within the context of invented worlds. And I always come back to this one: Do gods and religions require each other? Can you have a [...]

Color in the Pews

Another post for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival. A little religion goes a long way.
The first thing most people think about religion in speculative fiction (…okay, after they review the whole “Church is evil” cliché and the holy objects vs. creatures of evil thing—but really, what more do we need to do with those?) [...]

Superstition in a Fantasy World

Inspired by this month’s RPG Blog Carnival. The carnival topic may be religion, but at the core, both religion and superstition are beliefs.
There are a lot of terms whose definition becomes fuzzy when brought into a fantasy world, but none go quite as gray around the edges as “superstition”. So what, in such a world, [...]