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Floating in the Bubble

As most of you are aware, comments were out for a while. They’re back now, thank goodness, but the absence got me to thinking about feedback and what it can mean—for a blogger, for a gamer, for much of anyone else.
I’ve always been rather attached to feedback in my various creation-related hobbies. Every game I [...]

On Deadlines

Best friend. Worst enemy. Implacable, mindless force. Motivation. Inevitability. Deadline.
People’s reaction to deadlines is often very mixed. For most people, the primary association is going to be with chores, homework, and other Things That Had To Get Done In A Specific Timeframe. Too them, the deadline is [...]

How To Post Regularly and Not Run Out of Ideas

I’ve often been asked how it is that I manage to keep going and going and going within the blog topic I have. It’s a pretty complicated answer, but useful to the average blogger, so I’ll take a stab at it.
One of the most important tricks I’ve used is setting [...]

Anniversary (or Ravyn and the Writing Desk)

When I first started this blog, one of my friends wondered how long my material would last. I can’t say I blame him. Here I was, unable to get new topics with every game supplement like my more system-specific counterparts, determined to avoid the Edition Wars and its corresponding [...]

Caution: May Contain Spoilers

When I wrote about campaign journal articles yesterday, Josh mentioned that part of a reason for his were that they were useful to the game group. It makes perfect sense to me; my players all are or have been regular readers of this blog, and I’ve been able to [...]

Campaign Posts: Do They Work?

This week will conclude my first year as a blogger; as a result, I’m focusing on blogging-related topics.
Rare is the RPG blogger who hasn’t at some point written about a campaign he or she is either running or playing in. Some, myself included, even use such things as a regular [...]