Impractical Applications (What It’s All About)

I’ve been exploring the idea of what a story or game is about, particularly with relation to characters’ defining characteristics. Needless to say, I found myself applying it to my Exalted game, with interesting results.
One: I think I know what my game is about, and it surprises me. I can’t really say it’s about the [...]

“About” and Defining Features

Earlier this week, before I went off on a tangent, I talked about what stories were about—their plots, characters, underlying themes, etc. One of the things I’ve noticed on the subject is a problem, or at least a hazard, I’ve run into involving characters with defining characteristics that particularly set them apart.
So a character has [...]

What Is This Story About?

What is this story, or this game, about?
It seems like such a simple question. (Then again, so does “Who are you?”) But I ask it, and people start hanging up—not so simple an answer.
Often people will answer first with the characters around whom the plot focuses. It’s about three women who hijack a war with [...]