Utilizing Table Norms

Yesterday, I talked about the discussion of social norms and market norms in Predictably Irrational, then expanded them to apply to the peculiar meta-dynamics of the game table. As I pointed out, you need to know what categories these norms fit into to take advantage of them, but, then, how do you utilize the norms [...]

Social Norms, Market Norms, Table Norms

I have to admit it: I’m addicted to books about how the mind works. I almost always learn something new (I’ve read more than half a dozen this year alone, and not a single one has failed to show me something I hadn’t seen before), they’ve got a lot of cross-discipline uses, and I’ve always [...]

Why Won’t You….?

We all have parts of writing or gaming that we don’t particularly like. Might be coming up with characterization at a moment’s notice, voices, worldbuilding…. whatever it is, it’s just something we’re really not fond of, and possibly downright averse to.
The easy thing to do is to say, “I don’t like it, so I won’t [...]