Ask GV: On Controlling PCs

UZ asks (in response to one of the Management’s posts, but hey, if it gets the mail-slot going…)

How do you get a PC to accept mind control? How do you sell servitude to someone who fights (theoretically) for freedom?
Dear UZ:
That’s a very good question. The PC is a special kind of protagonist—resistant if not [...]

Ask GV: Walking the Walk

Finally, a question!
Tu Eanna asks,

Dear Generic Villain,
I am doing some freelance work for a small evil enterprise, and while I have no qualms about behaving in ways that would ping as evil to the average normal, to say nothing of the hero sorts, I also don’t want to fall into the trap [...]

Ask GV: Evil Eye for the Little Guy

Orchid Mantis Familiar Lan asks:

I don’t really want to be evil (unless eating hummingbirds and dragonflies is evil, then I’m all for it), but I do want to learn to be intimidating. I have read over your advice, and I have some of the same problems as the ferret and the peacock – [...]

Ask GV: When Protagonists Flirt

Eviltron asks:
Dear GV, lately I think my heroic counterpart has been flirting with me. I am interested, but what if this is a trick? What should I do?”
Dear Eviltron:
The facetious part of me wants to ask “Are they cute?” Even we have to have fun sometime. And there’s always the opportunity to demonstrate that the [...]

Ask GV: Of Fist and Famine

Belial asks:
“I have heard recently that a group of people are 3 missed meals from revolting. Is that still applicable when one is running their country using more ‘villainous’ methods (fear, severe punishment, etc.), or is this a problem only ‘good guy’ leaders face? Short of providing your people with basic necessities across the board, [...]

Ask GV: When the Boss Just Can’t Choose His Relationships…

Reader Shinali, on behalf of Shinta Palsu, asks:
My question, O Generic Villain, whose words flow like silk, relates to some concerns I have about my master’s relationships. I am not one to object to a lust or affairs, frankly it’s my business (Cupid has nothing on me, or so says my [...]