Impractical Applications (The Old and the Awesome)

Earlier this week, I talked about the implementation of awesome old people as characters. It’s been a bit harder for me in my games—the oldest character I’ve gotten to work with comes canonically pre-awesomed—but I’ve had a few opportunities to play with the concept.
One of these is Natesa, who shows up primarily in my main [...]

Creating Awesome Old Characters

Yesterday, I talked about awesome old characters, and why they work so well with their audiences. Today I’m going to look a little more closely about how we make the awesome oldie.
First off, remember confidence. The awesome old character has been around for a while; she knows what she can do, she knows how the [...]

Four Reasons Why We Love Awesome Old Characters

I’ve noticed that in a lot of works of fiction, I’ve found myself drawn to the characters at least a generation older than the protagonists who show themselves capable of wit, social maneuvering, and all sorts of overall awesomeness. Iroh from Avatar. Boneclaw Mother from Digger. Simon Illyan from the Vorkosigan series. Torogai from Seirei [...]