Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: In the Playroom

This is something of a character showcase and backstory piece I did last month. (It sometimes amuses me how much more descriptive text I’ve used on Malora than on Lian. This tends to happen with the second primary character in a given story, to the point where she—it’s generally a she—starts taking over from whoever [...]

Trust, GM Willingness, Player Interest, and the Backstory Character

Yesterday, I talked about four categories of backstory characters, and mentioned the particular importance of understanding them to tabletoppers, both GM and player. Today, I’m going to look at why. Note that I am using the same terminology as in the previous post: the central character is the character being provided with the backstory, while [...]

Degrees of Backstory Characters

Into every character’s backstory, a few characters who aren’t the backstory’s central character must fall. They don’t live in a vacuum, after all. (And if they do, they’re probably pretty boring characters, and lack verisimilitude. Even hermits usually had someone who raised them.) That doesn’t mean they’re all created the same, though.
Overall, backstory characters are [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Sweeping the Sky

Another exercise featuring Zuleika; I’ve been making a strong push on her project, so finding her voice has been one of my top priorities. This one started out as an attempt to portray her , this one comes straight from her passion for astronomy; I’m hoping to find more of her elsewhere, but for now, [...]

Ravyn vs. Paranormal Romance: A Little Bit of Cheating

The second unit in the online paranormal romance class was on backstory. Nothing new; I think by now I’ve got a pretty decent handle on the importance of backstory driving a character. Just a little.
So it was sort of, “nod, nod, nod, are we there yet, nod…” and then I got to the assignment. [...]