Impractical Applications (Kestrel’s Bad Day)

The following is the more in-depth version of Kestrel’s bad day exercise that I threatened on Wednesday.
“Prophecy will be the death of me someday.”
Kes should have known better. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she knew better. It had been fine when it was just her fellows, but Mandible was still [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Load of Little Irritations

This exercise is based on this week’s “Bad day” exercise—I may be a tad too fond of irritating my characters.
A bad day for Kestrel is one in which her judgment on other matters has been called into question, she’s having to deal with some hitherto unconfronted aspect of the fact that her familiar is a [...]

Characterization Exercise: What’s a Bad Day?

We’ve all had bad days. The trolley we needed to catch pulled out of the station just as the one we were on was pulling in, the food slips off our fork the one day we were wearing our nicest clothing… yeah. Not the kind of bad day that changes your life forever, just the [...]