Impractical Applications (The Final Tally)

I am, at least for a few months, done with writing to the numbers—and instead realizing I rather boxed myself in with this week’s post. So, the final count. In my fifty thousand words, I have:

Almost as much text in the form of notes on where this story is going to go eventually than I [...]

Camp NaNo: The Fear of Completion

There are two things I found as I entered the second half of my fifty thousand words for Camp NaNo. The first was that I was doing a bit more on the actual story; while my initial run had been a small amount of novel-relevant writing and a whole lot of company fluff, now it’s [...]

Camp NaNo: The Tribulations of Not Reading

Camp NaNo has, it’s probably clear, not been easy for me this year. I’d known that inspiration was going to be a problem from my last attempt on the story in question; I’d known free time was going to be an issue, from the fact that last time I participated in the real NaNo, I [...]

Impractical Applications (Ten Odd Sources of Wordcount)

To quote Seanan McGuire: “Ten things make a list. This is a list.”
Things that aren’t the actual text of my novel or definitely requested game-fluff that I’ve tried to wring wordcount out of during this month:

Three character emotion exercises derived from a book, for the novel.
One emotional landscape of the novel’s main character, derived from [...]

Camp NaNo and Hunting Words

My biggest problem with this month’s Camp NaNo attempt at major progress in my story, as with the first time I tried to NaNo Almagest, was underpreparedness. There were a few characters in my head, but not enough; can one truly do a good heavy court intrigue with only four, and most of them on [...]

Camp NaNo and the Spirit of the Rules

It begins the way these stories always begin: Shinali talks me into signing up for (a variant on) NaNoWriMo, and chaos ensues. This time, though, is different. It isn’t the official month—it’s June, and we’re doing the “Camp” version instead. This time I’m leaving the Generic Villain behind and taking a stab at Almagest again, [...]