Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Two Perspectives, One Narrator

For this week, I was playing with the idea of one character attempting to describe another. Somehow I ended up with the same character twice–same describer, same person being described–talking about the only thus-far-named character who isn’t part of the central group. What the hey, I’ll run with it.
Nina Miklos. My lab partner. The one [...]

Impractical Applications (Assembling Carlotta)

My descriptions in practice (in game, at least), I find, are minimal. Admittedly, a lot of that is due to a tendency towards making up the characters at the last minute, or having internalized them so hard I’ve almost forgotten what they look like. (Obnoxiously, many of them do end up rather driver’s-license-y, though that’s [...]

Exercise: Leave Your License In Your Pocket!

A lot of people, when they settle down to describe a character, start with a pretty vague description. They have a height, or at least an approximate height range, a hair color, and an eye color. It’s like being handed a character’s driver’s license, only with the picture and most of the geographic information either [...]

Character Description: A Process

Yesterday, I talked about the difference between cosmetic and functional details in a character’s appearance. Today, with the concept at my disposal I’m going to move on to my usual approach to creating and describing a character’s appearance.
If I can, I start by figuring out what the first visual impression the character is likely to [...]

Character Descriptions: The Purposes of Details

When I talked yesterday about character descriptions, I noted that I’d never really been trained in coming up with a good description, just given a whole lot of what not to do. Therefore, I’m challenging myself to come up with a decent process for giving a character as well-done a look as she has a [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: A Maundering on the Appearance of Characters

The first part of Aisling I ever described was her hands, a mottled rainbow of stains covering her palms and fingertips; Morgan had little appearance until I drew “Splash?!”. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten around to giving my group a description of Liang, though I do know he’s the first of my male PCs [...]

Have Character; Need Image?

We’ve all heard about people who describe their characters too much, too florid, often when it really doesn’t make sense to do so; I think most of us can agree that that’s generally a bad idea. But some people have the opposite difficulty; they can settle down in a character’s head, dredge up personality, skills, [...]