Ravyn Freewrites: Learning to Love the Character Sheet

Yesterday, I started riffing on the difficulty I have with character generation and the problems it poses. Today, I’m going to think about how I can fix it for myself.
First off, the difficulty of finding a concept—I’m going to talk to people. Earlier. And make sure I’m talking to them throughout the process. Granted, in [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: Rage Against the Character Sheet

It’s one of those bizarre contradictions that I’ve never entirely made sense of: why do I hate character generation so much, when I run a game with such a ridiculously large NPC cast that I could probably do two or three alphabets and only repeat myself on a letter or two where desperate? Given how [...]

Seven Advantages of Coordinated Character Generation

I’ve seen two general patterns of character generation in my time gaming. There’s the one where everyone comes up with their own characters individually, coordinating with the GM but not really comparing notes unless they feel like it or they want to make sure someone else hasn’t already chosen the role they want; I get [...]