Characterization Exercise: Strife!

Every now and then you get people asking, “If [Character] and [Other Character] got in a fight, who would win?” I’ve never been fond of those questions; trying to match up two characters that work entirely differently, let alone take into account all the factors that would come into play and complicate matters further, and [...]

Characterization Exercise: What Do You See In These People?

Lone heroes happen in stories, but they’re not the world’s most common creatures, and games almost invariably involve a group, either homogeneously PC or a combination of PC and NPC (or a parallel all-NPC group if the GM is feeling like a challenge). This, of course, means we have people. People working together, fighting alongside [...]

Character Exercise Followup: Matchmaker, Matchmaker…

Yesterday, I talked about learning about a character through trying to figure out what the perfect romantic partner for her would be like. Of course, even with fictional characters, one really shouldn’t expect perfection—particularly since imperfections make for a much more interesting story. (Yes, I really do mean it.) But then there’s taking it a [...]

Characterization Exercise: So Why Did You Do That?

Disclaimer: Most of the characterization exercises I come up with are fun to do with a partner in whose world and characters you are invested and vice versa. This one isn’t always, particularly if either side is the kind of person for whom character motivations and spoilers are often interchangeable.
One of my favorite questions to [...]