Impractical Applications (Cities and Foundation)

I’ve spent this last week talking about designing cities—or at least, the buildings and streets and general visuals of cities, from  recently built to well-aged to old and deserted. I’ll admit it now: my inspiration really didn’t come from any of the games I’m currently running. In those, I’ve generally been given a canonical foundation [...]

Abandoning a City

This week, we’ve already talked about young cities and older cities, so let’s move on to the next common spec-fic city: the abandoned, most often ruined, city. After all, abandoned cities give all the architecture without any of the potentially intimidating politics (though if you can organically slip politics into an abandoned/ruined city somehow, I [...]

Aging a City

Yesterday, I talked about getting an overall visual appearance for young cities. Let’s face it, though, everything ages—and cities have a lot of time to age and a lot of factors to age them with. Think about these things:
Has it been changing hands? I’m not just talking about another group of entirely different people riding [...]

Bones of the Young City

Even in fantasies that read like a travelogue and science fiction that spends most of its time moving out in the black, cities tend to stand out. And why wouldn’t they? One needs to go there at some point. That’s where the supplies are, where the interaction is, where the political powers meet. Some stories, [...]