A Conversation With Reality Hunger 1: Art as Conversation

“Art is a conversation, not a patent office.” –Reality Hunger: A Manifesto.
Sounds good: I’m ready to converse.
Take that first quote. A conversation, not a patent office. I’ve been thinking something like this for a while, though I never really managed to put it into words—perhaps it started when I started poking around webcomics and reading [...]

Impractical Applications (An Assisted Plan)

I talked a bit earlier this week about helping players out with their plans. I’m not the only one—I’ve had GMs who’ve done the same for me.
The most recent came about as part of the hiatus game meant to give me time to catch up with my own ideas. There I was, with a pretty [...]

Aiding and Abetting the Players

I have a confession to make: one that’s probably an even greater sacrilege than my disinterest in the risk of death and one that would get me mocked to the ends of the earth by the really PCs vs. Players GMs. I could blame my environment, I could blame the fact that for the most [...]