Kindling the Combat Spark

Last week, I wrote about combat spark, and all the numerous ways to bring it about from the player side. While they’ve got a lot of control, though, we as GMs still need to hold up our end in encouraging combat spark from our players: it’s only everyone at the table contributing that gets us [...]

Impractical Applications (How Not to Spark)

One of the things that makes combat spark important to me is its relevance to my game, and keeping me interested; my group has ranged from just interested in action to “I can has fight now pls?” Some fights have gone really well (the dream battle, that one time where I ditched initiative and focused [...]

Combat Spark Through Imagery

Yesterday, I talked about my own process for trying to assemble actions within a fight scene that for the most part contain some degree of combat spark—but none of it directly addressed the visual element, just the substance. Yes, this is completely deliberate.
We might expect that a lot of the awesome or epic elements that [...]

Assembling a Sparky Action

I tend to get most of my combat spark action by action, dealing with each one as a problem to solve: usually “What do I want, and how do I get it with what I have?”, though sometimes I’ll try “What do I have, and how might I use it?” if all that matters is [...]

Combat Rigidity, Combat Spark

In response to yesterday’s post on the components of combat spark, edige23 from Age of Ravens expressed some curiosity in seeing my take on combat spark “working in systems with high combat fluff vs. those with low levels”. Needless to say, my response got a bit too long for a simple comment. As a caveat, [...]

Ingredients of Combat Spark

Yesterday, I talked about how combat spark, the peculiar quality of a fight scene and the maneuvers therein, is comprised of a number of component elements. What are these elements, and how do they help?
Combat spark is a trait that seems to act more on actions than on overall sequences, particularly in RPGs, though a [...]

Combat Spark

Last week, I squealed over the presence of a quality that I called that (as in, “My game needs more of that”) in Kung Fu Panda 2. As promised, I’m going to look into what it constitutes—including coming up with something else to call it. I’ve gone through several possible names (je ne sais combat [...]