Impractical Applications (Changing and Communication)

One of the things that most interested me about the idea of certain types of communication as game-changing is its near-ubiquity in the games I play in with my primary group. If it doesn’t come naturally, we try to arrange it; I had one character who took on magical abilities she never even got to [...]

Changing Game-Changing Communication

Yesterday, I talked about the kinds of communication within a group that can be in their own right game-changing, things that if added to a world can make for a level of coordination between characters that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Along with talking about what to watch out for, and what sort of factors it introduces, [...]

Communication Game-Changers

“The major conceptual difference between medieval/historical games and modern/future games is not the weaponry. It’s the ability to split up and still stay in communication.” —Darths and Droids, 13 November 2011
That commentary got me thinking about the kinds of communication that can serve as a game-changer, both in game groups and in works of [...]

Impractical Applications (News Travels)

This week, I talked about news and how it travels. It’s been interesting in my gaming career, watching how these sorts of processes work.
My primary game, for instance, has a peculiar sort of duality. The group is, after all, functionally based in the Celestial City, from which they can visit just about anywhere, and from [...]

News and Plot

All this week, I’ve talked about ways that news might spread in a fictional setting. I’m sure it’s interesting theoretical detail, but there’s one question the posts haven’t yet answered: what can it actually do for a story or game?
Let’s fix that, shall we?
The obvious use of understanding how news travels is knowing—and more importantly [...]

Messing with the Message

One of the things I pointed out in my first riff on spreading news is that there’s no guarantee that the news will arrive in precisely the same state as it left, nor even that it will arrive at all. Whether it was mean to happen or just happen, interference with news is a risk—and, [...]

As the News Flies

Yesterday, I talked about the movement of information across distances, and all the factors we need to take into account when dealing with them. Today, I’m going to talk about some general methods by which it does so, and how it affects the speed and consistency of the message.
The basic way, of course, is word [...]

Spreading the Word

A lot of us are fond of having our narratives span a wide swath of country. The main characters specifically find themselves questing their way right across the map, or just find themselves bouncing about between locations in which they could get things done; PCs find themselves running to problems, or away from them, or [...]

Words Fail Me (and Isn’t That Awesome?)

Yesterday, I talked about situations in which one person just wouldn’t understand what another was explaining because they just didn’t have the mindset for it. But as UZ pointed out in a comment to that post, sometimes, it’s not the mindset that gets in the way: instead, it’s the vocabulary. Here, language barrier plays a [...]