Changing Game-Changing Communication

Yesterday, I talked about the kinds of communication within a group that can be in their own right game-changing, things that if added to a world can make for a level of coordination between characters that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Along with talking about what to watch out for, and what sort of factors it introduces, [...]

Planning: Unexpected Windfalls

I spent most of this week talking about situations in which somebody manages to plan, but not quite completely, around the behaviors of another group of characters. Most of my examples worked under the assumption that whatever happened that didn’t go according to plan was an inconvenience. After all, that’s the main sort of thing [...]

ANNNND…. Complication!

A standard story is a long-term situation that has a tendency to further complicate itself, and complicate itself, and complicate itself some more, until it runs out of new complications and gets resolved. I can deal with that. But what starts getting to me is those stories where instead of the overall plot being one [...]