Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Conclusions, Round 2

Tonight’s exercise is another round of conclusions with my boyfriend providing the prompts: it worked pretty well last time. This time wasn’t quite so successful, but we’ve got a few decent ones.
Him: “Amaya isn’t sneaking around.”
Me: “The group is being hosted by someone even more paranoid than she is.”
(It’s not that Amaya sneaks on purpose. [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercises: Conclusions

For tonight’s exercise, I’d planned on doing a round of conclusions. At least, until I got stuck thinking a bit too hard about what sorts of statements to offer my boyfriend/current exercise partner. What got us un-stuck—and what probably works better for this exercise, since technically coming up with the prompt is the part that [...]

Character Exercise: Conclusions IC

Yesterday, I introduced an exercise for two people based on taking information and drawing conclusions. But there’s another use for it, one that can be done with two people but works just as well with one, one that’s a little more character-driven.
It’s pretty much the same sequence of events, with one minor difference: instead of [...]

Writing Exercise: Jumping to Conclusions

A good writer or GM needs to be good at getting people to draw the right conclusions. Readers who like predicting the action, or players on general principle, are served well by being able to draw them without the extra help. Heck, observation and logic are useful in the real world, particularly for identifying problems [...]

Impractical Applications (Morgan’s Conclusions)

I talked this week about the challenges of working with a character unaware of aspects of her setting’s metaphysics that are player common knowledge. As I implied in that article, I’ve been practicing lately. The character? The lone PC in a solo Call of Cthulhu game, who goes by Morgan.
As my characters go, Morgan is [...]

Being Smart and Wrong at the Same Time

It’s easy to deal with a character who has to not-know something that you know when the character isn’t all that clever; there’s a lot more leeway to get away with dubious logic, missing obvious clues and other typical means of keeping the character from reaching the conclusion before the plot says so. On the [...]