Group Dynamics: The Character/Relationship Connection

One of the most difficult elements of group dynamics is looking at the connections between characters and other characters’ relationships. After all, it’s not connecting to a tangible thing like another character, it’s doesn’t have the same consistency on the other side of the link as tracking a character’s relationship with the idea of the [...]

Impractical Applications (Splicing in Connections)

Ever since my style settled, I’ve known I was a character-driven GM. Plot I do, setting I love doing, but it’s in the interactions of characters that I really start having a field day. When one of my recruits ended up with a rather tabula rasa-ish character who isn’t really much for making new connections, [...]

Characterization Exercise: What Do You See In These People?

Lone heroes happen in stories, but they’re not the world’s most common creatures, and games almost invariably involve a group, either homogeneously PC or a combination of PC and NPC (or a parallel all-NPC group if the GM is feeling like a challenge). This, of course, means we have people. People working together, fighting alongside [...]