Impractical Applications (Talking to Myself)

(Procedural note: I am out of state for my younger sister’s college graduation. As this involves a great deal of tiring travel time, from tomorrow’s post to next Saturday’s Imprac all posts this coming week will be reruns. New posts will resume next Sunday night.)
I talked this week about the dos and don’ts of conversations [...]

How Not to Talk to Yourself

Yesterday I talked about things a GM can do when running a scene in which it makes sense for the focus to be NPCs talking to each other. Enough positivity; let’s look at what not to do.
Don’t make it an uninterruptable soliloquy. Heck, don’t make it something where it could technically be interrupted, but the [...]

The Art of Talking To Yourself

Running a scene, or even part of a scene, in which the only ones talking are one or more NPCs is a vexed issue among tabletoppers. On the one hand, the PCs are expected to be the focus on the action; if they weren’t, why else would we be playing? The game’s about the PCs. [...]