Tips for Taking a Critique

The toughest part of creating something and releasing it to an audience is dealing with the audience’s reaction to it. It’s easy to imagine that we are going to be The Best Creator Ever and that nothing we do is every going to mess up, but it never works out that way; there’s always something [...]

The Generic Villain Takes Criticism… from Protagonists

Last week, I talked about taking criticism from your minions, what to do and what not to do about it. But sometimes, you’re getting word of the flaws in your plans from neutrals, or even—gasp—full-on protagonists. Those you need to handle carefully.
While it’s quite rare, sometimes you’re going to get criticisms from protagonists in… well, [...]

The Generic Villain Takes Criticism

One of the things we Hands of Darkness often find ourselves on the wrong end of is our unshakable belief in our own infallibility. We are convinced that we have correctly predicted all possible paths that our opponents could take; we know for sure that our understanding of our own power and resources as they [...]

Criticism: The Intent and the Details

There’s a certain expectation, even among people who like criticism, that the creator and the critic will end up in conflict, or at the very least misunderstanding each other. Someone steps away from an artform after receiving what should have been a compliment, goes all icy after a critique that she did ask for, and [...]

What Am I Doing Wrong? Maybe It’s Answering That Question.

When something doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped it would, or even the way it worked before that didn’t seem to be too bad, there’s one question we immediately ask ourselves: “What am I doing wrong?” It’s pretty much human nature, after all: we remember the bad things and try to fix them.
There are [...]