Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Beach of Bones

This is a real place; I walked it while I was out of town earlier this week. It was begging to end up immortalized in one of my stories somewhere, so I let Lian have it, and she went to a few places I hadn’t considered when I was taking that walk. At least, that [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Iceberg

Another location revisited in honor of RPG Blog Carnival. I can’t even remember how long ago I used this place—just that I designed it as a clearly magical location, that the iceberg is itself an internally complex building, and that the group had been almost beaten there by a crowd of old rivals. And that [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Also Readied

I got the idea for this one thinking about the kinds of compare-contrast that could go on between two parallel invocations of a You Don’t Say! Exercise. This one is a parallel to the one two weeks ago—there was a time when it was pretty reliable whom Kes was going on missions with, and let’s [...]

Exercise: You Don’t Say!

I stumbled upon (rediscovered?) this exercise looking for a prompt almost two weeks ago. It’s very simple—so of course, it never occurred to me to put it down all the way. Like many of my other exercises, this one is about description and visualization—about getting across what you want to say without saying it directly.
Let’s [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Readied

Tonight I decided I’d try a different exercise from the usual, attempting to describe indicators of a circumstance without, at least until the very end, specifying what the circumstance was.
Her workspace smells not only of ink stones and silk, but also of wax and wood oil, of polish and new metal. The papers on her [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: The Storm Chamber

I’d had a plan this week for theming places around colors without their usual association (red without fire, green without plants, and so on). Then this happened–or rather, the first part of this happened, and it fell to me to try to figure out why in blazes anyone would have a chamber where the floor [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Shipwreck Dragon

Every now and then, you just need to describe something cool. I decided to revisit an old creature that cameo’d in one of my games–a leafy sea dragon made entirely of wrecked ships–looking more into where it might have come from and what it was like, and attempting to describe it without relying on pictures, [...]

Exercise: In Monochrome

This is somewhat similar to my old “driver’s license” exercise, only slightly less restrictive. What it boils down to is this: even if we don’t necessarily all agree on what colors there are and what categories they fit into (this coming from a person who was raised on the Crayola marker spectrum who occasionally gets [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: In Darkness and Daylight

This week’s writing exercise is based on the idea of looking at the same place in two different light levels. For once, I didn’t do somewhere in my current game: this place is for one of my future projects.
In the daytime: The disaster would have reduced most forests to matchsticks, but in the past centuries [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Short and to the Point

This week’s exercise is based on my old “In As Few Words….” exercise, creating a description of an image with as few words as possible. (Given the theme of brevity, I’ve elected to do just one.)
My prompt is this.
Lit from above, the cluster of mushrooms appears like a photo negative; their tops are absences of [...]