Impractical Applications (In Dream)

This week, I talked about dream quests. I’ve written three in the time I’ve been gaming, only one of which is actually a quest, so to speak, but they’ve all made for interesting experiences.
The first of these was a Type 1.5 dream quest in the first story arc of my game, with the characters venturing [...]

Two (and a Half) Flavors of Dream Quest

Yesterday, I talked about the dream quest, the pseudo-supernatural, pseudo-symbolic trip through a not entirely real realm for the sake of goods, power-ups, fixes to otherwise nigh-on-impossible problems, or understanding of one’s own psychology. One thing I’ve noticed about these dream quests is that they tend to fall into two major types, each of which [...]

Uses of the Dream Quest

The world is a single building, a series of places connected by montages, a place out of an Impressionist painting. Useful objects come readily to hand, and sometimes for the strong-minded even the world itself is malleable. There’s something to be found, and everyone has a pretty good idea what direction to go but less [...]